Ultra Marine Fitness Bootcamps

Ultra Marine Bootcamps

Dave Bragg

ULTRA MARINE WEEKEND RESIDENTIAL BOOTCAMPS are a whole new revolution in fitness training that not only improves your fitness using the outdoors but also develops team spirit and confidence through team building activities. IDEAL for Corporate and Executive Team building as well as public Bookings. But more importantly, it’s a heap of fun and very much like being a child again, but without being told off!!

DAVE BRAGG (Dipt) Master Instructor

Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Fitness Training with Dave Bragg

Listen Up : You want to get your health and fitness on par with your mental business strength?.... but keep coming up with the same excuse and usual answer... "I don't have time!" Then think again and allow me to come to you! Using a new concept in Biomechanics and Functional training, I can get you up to that level of fitness without you having to join a gym!

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Bootcamp Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Dave manages to make you see what you're truly capable of and makes you realise what you can really achieve if you put your mind to it. A highly motivational Personal Trainer…

I don't know how he did it but Dave persuaded me and a handful of PT clients to join him in the TOUGH GUY competition in July. I would have never EVER done that on my own. This is life changing PT. Well worth the money…

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